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  • 1,437,267 Number of people living with HIV
  • 1,122,334 Number of people on Antiretroviral therapy (ART)


As Kenya joins the rest of the world to mark World  Aids Day poverty and reduced awareness have been termed as  major contributors  to the sharp increase of new HIV infections.

Currently the new infections stands at 34,540 with 22,373  deaths.

According to Rose Olale founder Tuinuke group the government and other partners have reduced the awareness activities leading to spike of the disease.

“When  Covid came the government and development partners over concentrated on it leaving behind fight against Aids. Our youths and children are  victims because they are not being told about this disease and even if they know about it, most of them tend to ignore.” She said.

She says most parents especially in slams no longer take care of their children a move that has led rise of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

“Tufundishe tu hii mambo ya safe sex mtu asiingie tu kwa ngono juu anaskianga watufanya anaenda kukafanya kujaribu akiambiwa mambo ya safe sex atajua so akienda anajua anafaa kufanya nini.Mtoto wa 13 years huezi anza kufunfisha vile anatumia condom Instead utamshow jinsi ya kujikinga.Unamwambia akifika wakati Fulani atazihitaji.” She added.

Meanwhile Naomi Kigani deputy in charge of school health Nairobi County Government stressed the importance of school health education as tool to fight the deadly disease.

“Ni muhimu juu unapata the young ones wanadhani imeisha so we need a collective approach in dealing with this.” She said.

Government AIDS Response

Speaking yesterday, Health Cabinet Secretary  Nakhumicha says the government is keen  to eradicate HIV/AIDS in children by 2027 as pledged under the Global Alliance.

“The GOK has in the past two years increased its commitment by KES1Billion to stabilize the commodity pipeline so that there are no treatment interruptions. Under Kenya Kwanza administration, we are committed to end AIDS in children by 2027 as part of the Global Alliance. The “Wakati ni Sasa” campaign is a major boost and call for recommitment to regain the lost ground for children” she said.

Meanwhile President William Ruto on his  praised the partnership between Kenya and other non-state actors in taming the disease.

“We are highly grateful to our overseas partners for their superb partnership that has changed the fortunes of our nation. Such strong show of solidarity is highly appreciated and we do not take the friendship and support for granted,”  Ruto said..


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