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Power-line Encroachers in Dandora Given Eviction Notice


The Kenya Power has issued a seven day notice to people with structures along power-lines in Dandora Phase IV to remove them failure to which Kenya power will demolish them and legal action taken against the owners.

The notice seen by Ghetto Radio News states that those within the power lines are a threat to public safety and they should vacate immediately.

“This is to notify you that we visited the above mentioned area in 4th February 22 for the purpose of power facility inspection.We established that you have built illegal structures/ building which our power lines Wayleaves corridor…..In order to rectify this situation you are hereby given seven (7) days notice to remove the structure from Wayleaves trace to at least 20 meters away from the  centre  of the line failure to comply with this notice shall leave Kenya Power with the options of recovering of power supply from your premises or demolition of the structure at own cost to ensure public safety or take legal action against you,” it states.


The notice was issued in accordance with provision of the energy Act 2019 where it is stipulated that, “A person who without any reasonable cause, hinders, obstructs or interferes with  or executed by or licence with regard to an energy infrastructure, or by servant or agent duly authorized … liable for a fine not exceeding five hundred thousand for each day.”

Meanwhile residents have called on Kenya Power to give them more time to vacate.

“Seven days are not enough we don’t have anywhere to set up again our business we need more time.” Angela Achieng said.

Interior CS Dr Fred Matiangi directed county commissioners and other grassroot based national government administrators to oversee the clearance of people from the wayleaves.

By Allan Otieno