• The medical product fails  to meet the prescribed market authorization requirements.
  • The public has been advised to remain vigilant

The Pharmacy and poisons body has recalled Tamedol oral solution over quality concerns

The board in a statement said it had received multiple market complaints on the quality of several batches of Paracetamol oral solution, 120mg/ 5m1, 60 mls) manufactured by Biopharma LTD, Kenya.

Investigation  by PPB established that the medical product failed to meet the prescribed market authorization requirements.

The board has advised all pharmaceutical outlets ,healthcare facilities ,healthcare professionals  and members of the public to take immediate action

Additionally, members of the public have been urged to return the product to their nearest healthcare facility, while healthcare facilities are instructed to return the products to their respective suppliers.

The public has been advised to remain vigilant at all times and promptly report any suspected cases of sub-standard medicines or adverse drug reactions.

“The PPB wishes to assure the public that we have implemented rigorous measures to guarantee that medicines supplied to the Kenyan market adhere to the requisite standards of quality, safety and efficacy” assured Siyoi.

Kenyans React

Kenyans on the digital spaces have  raise concerns on how it got to the consumers in the first place

Some comments are captured below

‘’Who cleared the product’’

‘’Do you test drugs before approving them for sale/distribution? Ama the market/consumers are the test kits?’’

‘’How could PPB allow such products to enter the market without prior assessment on health risks?’’

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