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PPEs worth Ksh. 5 Billion still lying idle at KEMSA Warehouse despite orders to sell


PPEs worth more than Ksh. 5 Billion are still lying at the KEMSA warehouse in Embakasi despite orders that KEMSA officials sell them at the current market prices.

Senate Health Committee says that PPEs worth 2.9 Billion cannot be touched by KEMSA officials as they are still under investigations by the EACC.

Senate Health Committee Member Millicent Omanga says that KEMSA is yet to receive authorization from the Ministry of Health to sell the other PPEs worth Ksh. 3 billion.

“EACC wrote a letter to KEMSA and asked them  not to touch some PPEs, the PPEs under investigation are worth Ksh. 2 Billion. So as a committee we are going to meet the health Ministry Officials and EACC to ask them to hasten their investigations so that these items are sold, ” said Omanga.

“We are also asking the Ministy of Health to authorize the items because time is of the essence and the values of the items are diminishing,” she stated.

KEMSA purchased PPEs worth 7 Billion shillings and only PPEs worth Ksh. 2 Billion have so far been sold.