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Pregnant woman stabbed in Kawngware skirmishes

Pregnant woman stabbed in Kawngware skirmishes

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Nairobi women representative Esther Passaris visiting Kawangware akirmishes victims in hospital PHOTO/COURTESY

A pregnant woman is fighting for her life after she was stabbed in Kawangware following the chaos that rocked the area.

The woman was stabbed in the gut following a clash between two gangs protesting the repeat presidential elections.

Many victims have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds and panga cuts following the clashes that rocked Kawangware on Friday and Saturday.

the skirmishes saw several houses and business premises burnt leaving property worth millions of shillings destroyed and several homeless.

Police are pursuing a Nairobi based politician accused of financing and funding gangs to cause violence in the informal sector of Kawangware, around Congo and Area 56.

The politician, according to detectives has been holding night meetings with the leaders of the gangs in one of the posh estates in Nairobi, where he not only pay them but also issues directives.


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