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President Kenyatta Apologizes for Police Brutality during Curfew

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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday apologized to Kenyans for the excessive force used by police officers at the start of the nationwide curfew that began last Friday.

Speaking during a virtual meeting with two Kenyans who have recovered coronavirus, the president said he was aware of the challenges Kenyans faced on the first day of curfew.

“I am aware during the introduction of curfew, there were some challenges. I apologize if there were some excesses that were conducted or happened. If we all work together, and if we all understand that this problem needs all of us and we all pull towards one direction, we will overcome” he said

The head of state also asked Kenyans to protect themselves and stay safe wherever they are. He went on to thank the health workers for their work during this critical time.

“I want to thank all the medical staff for the work you’re doing. You risk your lives to save others. Do not think your work goes unappreciated and we hope through your work many more Kenyans will go to celebrate as Brenda and Brian are celebrating today,” he said

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