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President Kenyatta defends Kenya’s move to send flowers to Health workers in the U.K


President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday led Kenyans in marking the Labour Day celebrations at State House.

The president celebrated Kenyan workers and further sent a special appreciation to the frontline Health workers.

The president further urged Kenyans to stop politicizing the COVID-19 pandemic adding that it is time for Kenyans to join hands in the fight.

Kenyatta added that the COVID-19 funds will be audited and the entire spending be made public.

“Let us not politicize the coronavirus pandemic. There are those saying that the COVID-19 funds are not being properly used. Please let’s not play with the lives of Kenyans. All the money used to fight the pandemic will be audited in due time. Every coin and cent used will be clearly indicated how it was used and whom it helped. This is not the time to castigate; it is the time to save lives please. Leaders if you have mercy, this is the time for you to be supportive of the efforts that we are all undertaking to ensure that we defeat this virus.” He said

The president also defended the country’s move to send flowers to health workers in the U.K

He urged Kenyans to focus on matters of the economy and look at the possible future post Covid.

According the president, the move was a way to ensure future relationship which will boost the U.K market for flowers produced in Kenya.

“We must focus ahead. Corona will not be here forever. We still want our markets to come back. I laughed when Kenyans called me out on social media for sending flowers to the U.K. Those flower farms employ thousands in Kenya. They say you must remember each other in times of need. One day when all is back to normal, they will remember us and buy from us. Think before you speak nonsense on those social media of yours” He said