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President Suluhu Calls Nandy While Performing


Tanzanian Songstress  Nandy is the toast of the town after President Suluhu placed a call to her in the middle of her performance at Dodoma a fortnight ago, during her ‘Nandy Festival’ event.

An elated Nandy received the phonecall and let her fans know that she was speaking to the head of state.

She then placed her on loudspeaker and her Excellency address the fans who were in jubilation.

“Ndio,Ndio Nandy waambie wananchi nimewakimbia kidogo nina majukumu ya kikazi Daressalam,napenda sana ningekuwepo apo siku ya leo, nawaomba mfanye onyesho nzuri na salama, watu wote wafurahie mmalize salamam,” Said President Suluhu through the phone conversation.

The ‘njiwa’ Singer thanked the head of state for her time and wished her well.

Nandy who is among the highly rated female artist’s in Tanzania shared the memorable moment through her Instagram.

“Simu yako moja ya leo Live hapa Nandy Festival Dodoma Mama na Rais wetu Samia Suluhu Hassan leo umeiheshimisha sanaa, umetuheshimisha wasanii na umetuheshimisha vijana tunaoishi tukijituma na kila siku kuongea ufanisi, Mama napiga goti kukushukuru, mimi na wenzangu na tasnia hii tumehemewa. ASANTE SANA MAMA ???,” she captioned the video.

After assuming presidency following the demise Magufuli, Suluhu is keenly toeing her predecessor’s dalliance with creative.

A year ago   during Diamond’s show in Kigoma, Magufuli did the same thing by calling the ‘Baba Lao Singer’ right in the middle of his performance with Dangote placing him on loudspeaker for all and sundry.

Talk of following ones footsteps!!

Story By Steve Osaka.