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President Uhuru Kenyatta dismisses Sonko asks Nairobi residents to support Badi


President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Nairobi residents to support NMS Director Major General Mohamed Badi in a bid to improve the status on Nairobi.

Speaking in Pumwani today Uhuru stated that Badi was not up to take anybody’s job but to perform his duty of restoring Nairobi back to its glory.

“Please support Mzee General Badi, he is doing a good job and he is not here to take anybody’s job. He is working well, if Nairobi improves, it will be for everybody,” said Uhuru.

Uhuru also commended  Boda Boda industry saying it has great potential that only need to be waken up but with caution to avoid being taken advantage of.

“Boda boda industry is a sleeping giant that needs to be awakened which is why boda boda investment scheme is a great idea. Every individual should take pride in paying the price for what they want. If you do not pay the price, someone will pay to misuse you,” said Uhuru

The president also questioned the poverty state among the boda boda sector which accumulates over Ksh27 billion on a monthly basis.

‘Every year, in totality, boda boda industry makes Ksh357 billion Boda boda association if together, would make more than what the Government gives to the 47 counties. If you collect almost Ksh1 billion every day, why does every boda boda rider cry of poverty? The boda boda sector supports, directly or indirectly, 5.2 million Kenyans which accounts for 10% of the population. This means that one in every ten Kenyans makes his livelihood because of the business that you do,” he emphasized

Photo: State House Kenya

The president spoke on Friday as he officiated the launch of a Bodaboda Investment scheme during a meeting with the Bodaboda safety association of Kenya at Pumwani social hall.

The meeting marked the signing of major partnership between Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya (BAK), Capital Markets Authority, Rubis Energy and NABO Capital.

President Uhuru lauded the proposed formation of a trust fund which will ensure riders are safe and that the investment grows.

Riders will register to the fund using their biometric data to avert  incidences of fraud and will all be expected to contribute Ksh.50 a day.

They will also get a Ksh. 3 deduction at the fuel pump which will also go to the fund. They will also get a fuel card from Rubis Energy which they will use at  over  310 fueling stations across the country.

Riders will also get Ksh.10 discount per Kg of cooking gas as well as a Ksh. 15 discount on motorcycle engine oil.

The president concluded his remarks by urging the riders across the country to take their time and read the BBI proposals, and to support it for the benefit of all Kenyans.