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Prezzo Disses Larry Madowo On His Face, Exposes Govt’s Rogue Emergency Line

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Kenyans must have suffered a serious shock when for the first time controversial Rapper one CMB Prezzo showed up to a TV interview sober and composed.

That’s not all by the way. Prezzo also proved to be a reasonable man when he exposed the government rogue emergency systems.

Well, no one saw this coming, not even the ‘Trend’ show host Larry Madowo…..well, when did Prezzo start talking of matters of national importance??

The last time we checked Prezzo was seemingly high during a TV interview shamelessly flirting with a TV host who was someone’s wife then!!!

That’s even not gross enough….remember the other day he wanted to show his manhood live on TV during Nairobi Diaries Season finale?? Were it not for Dr.Ofweneke……Kenyans would be telling of a different tale.

Well, Prezzo’s tactics of avoiding some questions from Larry must have earned him lots of respects from Kenyans who have always seen him as some big time joker.

When asked if he popped someone’s else cherry that led to his breakup with Mitchelle Yola, Prezzo responded by asking Madowo for his phone, dialled 999 and put it on loudspeaker.

The number rang for like a minute and a half before being hanged up!!! Booom, oh yeah….an emergency line was hanged up on Live TV

“Kenyans, Do not call 999 emergency lines….they do not work,” seemed to be the message Prezzo was passing across. He also asked Kenyans to focus on matters of importance to them than wondering whose cherry Prezzo popped!! Ouch.

” Ok. Let’s not focus on 999 not working that was just an example.Prezzo’s  massage to Larry, use your platform to address real issues in Kenya not petty gossips,” read a comment on Facebook.

“Larry stop pretending like you have no idea this happens, you have been caught with your pants down asking stupid irrelevant  questions… for once l agree with prezzo. Big ups dude,” read another.

One Godfred Godyvirgo had this to say; ” For the first time I was on Prezzo’s side…that’s a very serious matter..instead of we Kenyans minding other peoples affairs we should put that effort in pushing for improvements of our services like the 999 emergency number….sasa kama Jana it would have been a real emergency sasa ingekuaje…it got me really thinking hard.”

Clearly, this was a live and direct diss to Larry. Prezzo just asked him to use his platform to address matters real and serious issues.



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