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Prezzo, Moustapha beef takes a nasty turn, Prezzo mum involved

Prezzo, Moustapha beef takes a nasty turn, Prezzo mum involved


The beef between rappers Prezzo and Colonel Moustapha is not a new topic in the entertainment industry.

The two have been rumoured to have fought over socialite Hudda as well as Prezzo’s ex girlfriend Mitchel Yola.

At one point Prezzo threatened to shoot the one half of deux Vultures with Moustapha daring him to take the shot.

However things seemed to have taken a nasty turn when Moustapha recently abused Prezzo’s mum in a recent interview.

The self proclaimed ‘president’ of the music industry took to social media to rant about how he was hurt by Moustapha’s insults targeting his mother. He lashed out at Moustapha calling him names and telling him off how he has no respect for the elderly.

“On the real, i’d like to take this opportunity to say I’m so so apologetic to absolutely no one!!! Mamangu ndio kila kitu kwangu. Hakuna kalulu yeyote ana haki ya kumtukana.Bara letu la Africa linatufunza kuwaheshimu wazazi na wakubwa wetu. So Moustapha tusi aliomtukana mamangu hata hivyo ni starehe ya Babangu.Tafuta kiki kutoka kwangu mimi Prezzo na sio mamangu.” He wrote.

Prezzo said he does not take lightly insults hulled at his mother and would not apologise for calling Moustapha names because he had to stand up for his mother.

This beef seems to be taking a heated turn by the day. We wait to see what shots Moustapha will fire after this.