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Prezzo To Jaguar-I Will Sponsor Your English Classes


PREZZOPrezzo is a smooth operator .His moves are calculated perfectly and his shrewdness on fleek! So to keep you talking about him and increasing his ratings the rapper has consequently turned a drama king in recent days,maybe in a bid to increase ratings for his new single.

Now after Jaguar offered Prezzo free rehabilitation following his questionable behavior with KTN’s news anchor Betty Kyalo last Friday on KTN Bulletin Live, the “My City”,rapper has hit back with a condition. Prezzo has put it clear through a tweet that he will only accept Jaguar’s rehabilitation offer,if the latter first agrees to take English classes which he (Prezzo) will sponsor at Makini School.

“Tell that clown (Jaguar) I’ll go to rehab once he goes for English classes; scholarship Makini School,” wrote Prezzo on Twitter.

Prezzo was undoubtedly responding to  an Instagram post Jaguar posted after Prezzo claimed he didn’t know him live on TV when Betty Kyalo asked him about their friendship.

Worse still Prezzo added that he knew of Jaguar’s existence when he saw a photo of the latter with President Uhuru.

A lot of people have asked that I respond to @prezzo254. If it were five years ago, I would have made time to beef around with him. As a director at Nacada, I am busy addressing issues affecting the youth in our country. What Prezzo is going through is what we are fighting. The best I can do is offer him a complimentary at one of our rehabilitation facilities in Nairobi or Mombasa. He’s free to choose where he prefers to go,” Jaguar wrote on IG.

Seems there is so much to come in this unfolding drama .We can only wait. Will Jaguar retaliate back??

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