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Primary Schools Set To Benefit From Safaricom Foundation


At least 200 pupils in Kamuchege and Muthandi Primary Schools are set to benefit from equipment funded by Safaricom Foundation.

The infrastructure valued at KES 1.3 million is expected to improve education standards in the two schools.

Kamuchege Primary School opened their  new  library renovated at a cost of 800,000 which was also used to buy furniture and computers. About 80 pupils will have access to the library in its improved condition. Previously, the library lacked facilities to keep books safe and in good condition.

Meanwhile Muthandi Primary School received  chairs and lockers worth KES 500,000. Over 125 pupils will have an opportunity to use the desks for their classwork.

Previously, students at the school had challenges with some using desks which were in poor condition while others were sitting on the floor writing classwork on their laps. The government ratio for desks to pupils is 1 desk per 3 students.

“Education is a key pillar if we are to secure the future of our country. We all have to join hands and ensure that every child has access to quality education in the form of learning facilities and infrastructure,” said Joseph Ogutu, Safaricom Foundation Chairman

Recently, 3 schools in Murang’a County, Kitito and Muringa Primary Schools, as well as Ikundu Secondary School also benefitted from learning and school infrastructure at a cost of KES 2.7 million.