Ohangla singer Prince Indah allegedly cancels his performance from the upcoming Luo Festival Nairobi edition.
• Reports claim the reason behind his withdrawal is a conflict between him and Jalang’o who is linked to the event as one of its founders.

Ohangla singer Prince Indah has withdrawn from the upcoming Luo Festival 2023 Nairobi edition.

The celebrated singer is allegedly pulling out of the event set to take place on Saturday 29th at Ngong Racecourse because of a conflict between him and Lang’ata Member of Parliament Jalang’o.

Previous confirmation of Indah’s performance at the festival

Late last month, fans of the Luo Festival had been reacting to their call to attend the event with a majority calling on others to boycott.

This came after Jalang’o who has in the past been linked to the event as the pioneer ditched Raila Odinga and started working with William Ruto.

Musician Prince Indah assured fans that Jalang’o wasn’t part of the organisers while encouraging them to show up and enjoy the show.

He came out to give fans the assurance that Lang’ata MP Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o is not part of the upcoming Luo festival.

The event organisers shared a photo on their Facebook page reminding fans about the April event but they took to the comment section to air their distaste.

Indah then encouraged them to turn up for the event while denying that the event had been organized by the comedian-turned-politician.

“Luo Festival is there. Luo Festival is not about Jalang’o. He’s no longer the person in charge. Jalang’o used to be the person in charge but since he joined politics he’s no longer the person in charge of the Luo Festival and that’s why I’m even still in.”

~Prince Indah

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