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Princess Julie Finds New Hope


After she was recently kicked out by popular singer Akothee,Princess Julie has now found solace in a certain Kisumu girl by the name Winnie Ogolla.

Princess Julie was living at Akothee’s Mombasa house hoping to make a come back before she had a bitter fallout with Akothee that almost brought them to each other’s throats.

The flamboyant singer pulled the plug on the former queen of Benga after she discovered that Princess Julie was unappreciative of her help and caused fracas in her house.

Princess Julie met up with her new sponsor Winnie at her home in Bondo Nyironge. Winnie organized a campaign to help the dejected singer who is living quietly in Migori town.

“In the 90 s we enjoyed her music my favorite being ‘Aroko’. In Sony where I grew up that was among the few luo musicians I knew, ”So when I started winners empowerment programme I noted on my list I must one day visit her at least to encourage her. 17th may I left Kisumu around 5 am and was received by her son in Migori town.”  she says

In her effort to make a comeback Princess Julie has started singing in a small lakeside town called Sori but with no instruments she is just left employment.

Winnie says the former queen of Benga’s income is not much that sometimes she ends up paying her back up singers and is left without anything.

She  has also had a bad throat because of infections brought by sharing a microphone. every now and then even if she treats it still comes back.

Through her campaign Winnie Ogolla has also visited  former boxing heavyweight Conjestina Achieng to celebrate the former champion.