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  • The new song,Kienyeji brings her tally to three in less than a year
  • Terms a herself a village girl
  • Fans applaud her tenacity

Former Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend, socialite turned musician,Pritty Vishy has dropped a new song dubbed Kienyeji.

Kienyeji is a loose translation for ‘village girl’.

Song’s Storyline

In the song,kienyeji Pritty Vishy depicts the life of a village girl who’s causing ripples in the urban world and conquering her own space. Her lyrics are simple and clear.

Despite not having a single rhyme in her chorus,she employs repetition to bring the musicality.

“Kienyeji Pritty Vishy Kienyeji

Najua mi ni kienyeji

Kienyeji Pritty Vishy Kienyeji

Najua mi ni kienyeji” goes the chorus

Pritty Vishy maintains that she’s the real deal from being the talk of the town to her life being documented like a movie star if her lyrics are anything to go by.

“Si mtapata tabu mkinifuatilia,maneno yangu yamewashinda watu mtayaweza…maisha yangu yamegeuka sinema,” she sings partly.

The video was shot in an outdoor set-up with simplicity carrying the day.

To bring out the ‘kienyeji effect’ to play,Pritty Vishy featured popular comedienne,Dem Wa Facebook who’s also fondly refered to as ‘Kienyeji’

The song is laid on an easy bounce beat giving Pritty Vishy humble time to flow on it.

Fans Reactions

With news on her newest release reaching the masses,many of her fans upon watching the new joint jammed her commentary applauding her for her tenacity.

We sampled a few.

“Wow 🎉 a very nice piece Pritty Vishy.You have surpassed my expectations 👏🥳💐” shot one fan

“Wow.i love your you flow with a beat is amazing mummy..🇰🇪” fired another fan

“As a fellow kienyeji i approve this 🥰, it’s our time to shine kwani iko nini 🔥😍” read another comment

With less than 24 hours since it’s release, the song has ammased 43k views on YouTube and still counting.

Kienyeji brings her tally to three songs in less than a year.

Her other songs are Dear Ex and Nimeiva.

Would you book Pritty Vishy for a show?Drop a comment.

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