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CONFIRMED: Pritty Vishy Dating Madini Classic

Stevo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has revealed that she is in love again, this time with Kenyan artist Madini Classic.

“I’m in love. He treats me well, the same way he does to the rest of the people around him,”says Vishy.

Speaking in a recent interview, the ‘Nilivyo’ hitmaker shared that their love story began on social media whereby he texted Vishy and asked for her phone number adding that her courage and originality drew his attention to her.

“I met her on Instagram, I texted her and asked for her mobile number. We started there. I like her courage and she’s real,”says Madini.

Vishy thought that the artist wanted to feature her on a project when he texted her since other artists had contacted her with the same intentions before.

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The pair has been together for a month now and Madini has asked netizens to go easy on Vishy and stop trolling her since it hurts him.

“It really hurts me when I see people trolling her. She is an amazing personality when you get to interact with her and the trolls bring her energy down,” he said.

However, netizens are not convinced about their dating claims.

Some claim that they are working on a song or just chasing clout.

 “Ati babe…ata haiendani. Hii clout haijaenda shule bado.”

By Stella Anyango