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Pritty Vishy Launches Online Store To Support Autistic Sister


Social media sensation Pritty Vishy has revealed that she started an online clothing store dubbed ‘Be Pritty Closet’ to raise enough funds to enable her take care of her autistic sister.

Pritty says that all she wants for her sister is to be as comfortable as possible.

 “I want to be financially stable before nimlete. I want her to live a normal life like other kids na akue comfortable kabisa,” says Pritty.

Her business just like any other online business has suffered the challenge of trust resulting to a slow take off.

Pritty shares that many people are afraid of falling victim to online scam when she fails to deliver.

 “Watu hawanibelieve ju ni online store. It’s really hard since people aren’t trusting my work.”Says Vishy.

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She has however assured her prospective clients of trust riding on her public figure status.

“I’m a public figure so mtu akifeel sijadeliver na amelipa anaweza naianika na hivo tayari biashara itakuwa imeharibika. Sioni reason ya watu kukua waoga kupurchase kwangu. I have a disabled sister na staki nikuje kuwaomba mnichangie so I set up the business ndio niweze kumsupport from the little I’ll get from it,”she says.

Another reason behind this business venture is to have financial independence from her current boyfriend Madini Classic.

“Huwezi shinda ukiambia mwanaume akupatie doo kila time. Ataona wewe bila yeye you’re nothing. Unafaa ukue na source of income ndio hata akikuacha utakua sawa,”she says.

By Stella Anyango


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