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Private Vehicles Are Killing Our Business, PSV Operators Now Cry

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Matatu Owners Association has now called on the government to reign in on small private vehicles doing Matatu business.

Kimutai says that if early actions are not taken then long distance PSVs will be out of business.

In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News Matatu Owners Association Chairman Simon Kimutai says the private vehicles vehicles mainly Noah, Voxy and Sienta have taken over and  are carrying passengers in major routes without  paying required PSV licenses making competition stiff for busses.

“These private vehicles do not have operation licenses, nobody asks them why and some are even owned by police officers… How can you conduct a business in such environment?” Kimutai asked.

“It has also come to our attention that passengers now prefer them because of some comfort that buses do not have and the buses are making huge losses,” he added.


Meanwhile Modern Coast and Mombasa Raha companies have shut down their operations in the country remaining with courier services only.

According to Modern Coast Chief Eecutive Officer Harun Butt the company decided to park its fleet as a result of high operating costs and it will only resume when the government allows 100 percent passengers on board.

“The recommended 60 percent is not favouring us, we will proceed with courier services until the government adjusts to full-board in number of passengers allowed per trip. We will be making losses if we operate with those numbers,” said Butt.

Kimutai further accused the National Transport and Safety Authority and Nairobi County Government of not taking their work seriously by ensuring that private vehicles operating as PSVs are nabbed.

‘‘It is shocking that we have complained and even written to National Transport and Safety Authority over this issue they have not taken any action against this vehicles ..I think it’s time they became and addressed this matter,’’ he added.



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