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Prof Hamo gifts baby mama a piece of land

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Comedian Professor Hamo has bought his baby mama Comedian Jemutai a piece of land IN which they intend to build a house.

The comedian on Tuesday took to his Instagram account and shared the news with his fans by posting a photo of his baby mama holding the title deed.

He also said that this is a way of him proving to Jemutai that he truly wants to build a happy family with her.

The comedian went ahead and said that he will build a house for his baby mama and she will make it a complete home.

“I know we’ve been through alot but it’s not how we start but how we finish that matters, it took time for you to believe that I wanted my family to be together and happy, it’s still work in progress but this is a start. I can build a house, you’ll definitely make it a home,” wrote Prof Hamo.

On the other hand Comedian Jemutai took to her Instagram page and thanked Hamo for the land and promised to build a home.

“See God?Thank you ? my heart is full. Let’s build a home,” wrote Jemutai.

Professor Hamo and Comedian Jemutai, the two are planning to build a home together PHOTO/HAMO IG

This progress excited a number of their fans who sent congratulatory messages to them and also wished them the best.

The two comedians have been trying to reconcile after their scandal that saw Jemutai expose Prof Hamo for being a dead beat father.

Hamo requested for a DNA test which turned out 99.9% positive meaning that he is the father of Jemutai’s two children.

It took the intervention of their boss Churchill to have the two reconcile and agree to get back together.

The duo even started a YouTube channel named ‘Raw and Candid’ where they share their love story and even explained to their fans what led to Jemutai exposing him.


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