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Professor Hamo planning to marry Jemutai


By Emmaline Owuor

Comedian and Hot 96 ex-presenter Professor Hamo has stated that he is ready to marry comedian Jemutai as his second wife.

During an Ask me Anthing tag on Instagram Hamo asked one of his followers to stop referring to Jemutai as hi baby mama but his wife.

The fan wanted to know if Hamo had sorted out issues with Jemutai.

“Have you sorted your issues with your baby mama?” asked the fan.

Hamo then replied by saying that Jemutai is not his baby mama but his wife.

“She is not my baby mama, she is my wife,” replied Hamo.

He also informed their fans that she is ready to marry Jemutai as a second wife.

“Will you marry Jemutai as a second wife? I believe she is a beautiful and a go getter woman,” asked another fan.

“yes.., we have come a long way,” replied Hamo.

The two comedians have been trending the internet for some months over the paternity of Jemutai’s children.

Professor Hamo apologized to Jemutai and his kids for not be available for them and promised to take responsibility.

Jemutai accepted Hamo’s apology and even moved on with her life.

Do you think the two should get married?