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  • Wajackoya stopped police from arresting Koffi Olomide before staging his show.
  • Koffi arrived late for the show with the side show said to have consumed a chunk of his time however, he gave a thrilling performance.
  • The Lingala maestro wore a pink trench coat with a matching culot pant, dark glasses, a white cap and stepped on white heels.

Professor Wajackoya saved visiting Rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide from arrest before his show at the Dome last night at Jamhuri Grounds on Ngong Road.

Koffi was being sought by police through an order from music promoter, Jules Nsana promotions who was behind the former’s 2016 aborted gig.

According to the promoter, Koffi failed to make a refund of what was paid to him then. The money included air fare, hotel bookings, down payments and other logistical issues.

With the current exchange rate, Koffi was needed to pay 7M with an additional million as compensation.

The promoters had found perfect time to have Koffi pay the amount after being elusive over the years.

However, they found the tough going when they were stopped with Professor Wajackoya at the eleventh hour.

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Reliable sources revealed that the promoters in the company of police went to Koffi’s hotel room moments before his scheduled show.

The back and forth consumed a huge chunk of Koffi’s time with fans eagerly waiting to midnight before he showed up.

Koffi Olomide and Professor Wajackoya on stage PHOTO Courtesy


High Fashion Sense

When Koffi finally took to the stage few minutes from midnight, the veteran singer wore a pink trench coat with a matching kulot pant, dark glasses, a white cap and stepped on white heels.

His neck was also heavily embellished with jewelry.

The Loi singer kept his fans on their feet with several of his hits played.

His band complemented his performance through outstanding choreography.

The males wore red pants and white shirts with matching shoes while the females wore white bikini shorts and red crop tops and white shoes.

When the show hit a crescendo, Koffi did away with the trench coat remaining with a white t.shirt with his jewelry dangling on his chest exposed.

Koffi also had a moment with Wajackoya on stage when the Lingala crooner invited him.

The celebrated singer also caught his fans with surprise when he gave a shout-out to President William Ruto.

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Despite Koffi’s spirited show, the sound was not at par to match his celebrity standards.

The roof at the VIP area was also leaking with fans getting drenched from the heavy downpour.

All in all, it was a memorable night with lingala music lovers getting an experience of a lifetime.

It was a fairly attended event which saw hundreds turn up to enjoy Grand Mopao’s tunes.


December 10, 2023

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