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Proof that Rekles has gone solo, He responds

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Over the weekend a little bird whispered to us about Rekles’ departure from gengetone group Ethic.

The news was met with so much controversy with many reaching out to the group’s management to verify the allegations.

In response to a local blog, Ethic’s management shut down the allegations terming them as ‘Rumors’.

A spot check on Rekles’ social media bio also indicated that he may no longer be part of Ethic.

While the other members’ (Swat, Zilladropa and Seska) bio have the tag ‘Performing| Recording Artist at Ethic Entertainment’ Rekles’ has been edited.

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Rekles’ bio now reads ‘Rekles, For bookings, Call : 0776697265’

Even the booking contacts for the singer is a different one.

According to our source, Ethic’s woes began when Rekles started doing solo projects with other artists.

“The whole thing brought issues even among’st themselves. I think the rest feel like he has abandoned the group and is working on building his own brand rather than Ethic’s.” the source said

He recently also dropped his own solo project under House of Badass dubbed ‘Deep down’ that raised eyebrows.

In a cryptic post shared online, Rekles also asked fans what’s been happening hinting that he has not been online.

“Nilikua kanisa, ati mnasemaje huku?” he wrote