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Property worth hundreds of thousands demolished in midnight demolitions

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Property worth hundreds of thousands has been destroyed along Manyanja Road in Umoja area following a midnight demolition exercise.

Business owners of the premises that were destroyed say that they were unable to salvage any property in the demolition that was allegedly conducted without notice.

James Kombo says that some premises had car keys and even computers that got burnt during the demolition.

“They arrived here without any notice. We did not know that they were going to demolish this place. We were only informed by the guards here that our premises were being demolished,” said Kombo.

Kombo says that bulldozers landed on the premises under heavy police security.

“They came here armed with rungus and pangas and everything and started conducting the demolitions,” he narrated.

Kombo says that those who tried to protest the demolition were also rounded up by the police, handcuffed and thrown inside a police land Cruiser.

“They had over 100 goons, no one was allowed to move near them. You try getting near them, you are beaten and handcuffed… we are shocked by the night demolitions,” he said.

The demolition exercise caused an electric fault that saw some shops go up in flames.


The said piece of land is reportedly under dispute by a Lands Company known as Kiambu Dandora and some investors.

This is the second demolition allegedly being conducted by this private ranching company.

The first demolitions were conducted in Umoja 3 kwa Maji area where hundreds of residents were left homeless in the middle of the night.

The residents questioned the inhumane manner in which the demolitions were conducted claiming that they were in defiance of the Covid-19 protocols.

The victims of the Manyanja Road demolitions have called on the Nairobi Metropolitans Services to come in and help them get their business premises back.



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