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Protesters Pour Paint On Charles Owino, Force Him To Demonstrate With Them


CHARLES OWINOPolice Spokesman Charles Owino was today wrapped up by demonstrators who forced him to join them in protesting against extra judicial killings by police.

Owino who had gone out to address the protestors outside the IG’s office before he was pulled out of his car and reportedly forced to carry the coffins the protesters were carrying.

As if that was not enough the sopesperson had red paint poured all over him by the activists.

Meanwhile three police officers linked to the death of lawyer Willie Kimani and two others have been detained for 14 days pending investigations.

Fredrick Leliman, Stephen Chebulet and Silvia Wanjiku were presented at Milimani Law courts this morning.

The Director of Public Prosecutions told the court that investigations into the murder were complex and that they require more time do a thorough probe.

Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo was also asked to consider the anger and public outcry that the killing of the three men has aroused and that police are following crucial leads that they believe will assist in arresting other suspects who are still at large.