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Protests After Police Shoots Boda Boda Operator Carrying A Sick Child To Hospital

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A boda boda operator was reportedly shot dead today by a police officer while ferrying a sick child to the Mama Lucy Hospital.

Eye witnesses say the bodaboda operator was denied entry into the premises only for a scuffle to ensue. An officer then pulled the trigger, shooting the man in the chest.

The mother of the child says  that her sick child was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition by the operator only for her to see the police shoot the guy.

“The boda boda operator had carried me all the way from Koch to this place after my child got burnt, we the then rushed straight to the Emergency section. The boda rider then left and went outside the hospital,” narrates the mother of the sick child.

“While outside the hospital, a police officer then confronted him and a scuffle ensued, and he was taken into a room and the next thing we heard was a loud bang,” she says.

The shooting immediately sparked protests from other boda boda operators and area residents.

The boda boda operators briefly laid siege at the Mama Lucy Hospital causing a brief halt to the operations at the hospital.

“This guy had even surrendered and asked for forgiveness but the police still shot him and dragged his body to the hospital. He was shot in the chest,” explains another operator.

Police officers were forced to fire in the air in a bid to disperse the crowd that was slowly building up at the hospital.

Unlucky onlookers received beatings from the police officers.


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