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Proton Therapy: Latest Technology For Cancer Treatment Launched In Kenya


Kenyans can now access the latest technology in the treatment of cancer at the newly established Apollo Proton Cancer Center.

Proton Therapy is a radiation therapy that uses tiny particles called protons as excellent cancer cell killers.

Dr. Srinivas Chilukuri, Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncology at the Apollo Proton Cancer Center says some of the cancers being treated at the center includepaediatric cancers, brain tumours and head neck cancers.

“The selected patients’ survival is very good with proton therapy which is the ability to survive without much loss of quality of life. Most patients on proton therapy while receiving proton therapy have very minimal complaints during treatment,” said Dr. Chilukuri.

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“The top indications are childhood cancers, brain tumors, head neck cancers a certain type of thoraxic cancers, lot of pelvic tumors, prostate cancers could benefit on proton therapy,” he said.

Anthony Hughes, a beneficiary of the treatment describes it as very quick and painless.

“I had 25 sessions of proton beam therapy. It was very quick, very painless, and with very few symptoms really. It was so quick, once they set you up on the computer and everything, each session is about one minute and 20 seconds after which they move you on a robotic arm on the bed and then target the tumour from a different angle. I’m just very thankful that there’s this proton therapy that can help a lot of people where you need to target a very small area. It’s sort of micro millimeter accurate and it just targets the tumour without going through it. The technology is unbelievable and we took a leap of faith. We are so happy that everything has worked,” said Hughes.


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