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Publishers, bookshop owners cry foul over postponement of new curriculum

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The new curriculum which was to be rolled out in January has left bookshop owners and parents at a state of confusion after being suspended by the Ministry of Education on Wednesday.

Following the announcement of the suspension has left several bookshop sellers at a state of loss due to the fact that they had already bought the books from the publishers.

They also added that the customers at this period of time would be filled to capacity at the bookshops but it is not the case as the stock is at large and no customer is buying the books.

Parents also expressed their anger by saying that some have already bought the books for the new curriculum and on hearing the suspension they are left wondering where they are going to take the books now that they cannot refund the books back to the bookshops.

Some parents buy the books before the period of Christmas in order to avoid the issue of congestion at the bookshops and the increase of prices of the books.



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