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Pubs, Restaurants Oppose Total Shut Down Over Covid 19 Pandemic


Pubs, Entertainment and Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK)  has faulted  calls for them to completely shut down over Covid 19 pandemic saying that the presidential directive on  social events closure was misunderstood and that not every entertainment   joint sells alcohol.

In  an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News PERAK Chairperson Alice Opee says that the restaurants  have scaled down their activities as directed by the president and that total shut down will not be a good option for them.

‘‘We have complied with the directive but it must be understood that the restaurants will have to be opened partially, we have also made sure that social distance at clubs,entertainment joints  is kept just to make sure that our customers are safe because we also value lives of our customers,’’ Alice said.

She further noted that should the situation persist over 4 million of their  staffs  will lose job and that there is need for the government to consider a waiver of taxes on their businesses.

‘’Most  of our staffs are middle and low class persons and  whatever salary they get from us  is used on hand to mouth survival..  there is no room for saving ,there is heat ahead should the situation persist,’’ She added.

Meanwhile close to 95% of the pubs, entertainment and restaurants have scaled down their operations due to Coronavirus  threat that has led to low number of customers.