• Trade Cs says Global crude prices on an upward trajectory
  • Fuel prices have crossed a record Sh200 mark for the first time

Hours after EPRA announced  new fuel prices ,

Trade Cabinet Secretary says the fuel prices in the country will continue to rise by at least Ksh.10 every month until February next year.

“Global Crude Prices are on an upward trajectory. For planning purposes expect pump prices to go up by Ksh 10  every month till February,” Kuria posted on his official X account.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has announced the fuel prices for the period between Friday, September 15 and Saturday, October 14.

This means the pump prices will be as follows; Super Petrol at Sh211.64, Diesel at Sh201 and Kerosene at Sh202.13 per litre in Nairobi.

His statement  has emited different reactions from online users, some comments are captured below

‘’Touching Fuel is to destroy this broken economy my friend. You can’t plan when there are no Incomes, my friend. Picha ni mbaya, si uwongo’’

‘’Can they also go down when the prices go down? That usually never happens’’

‘’I love the genuineness of this post. The reality is that the price of petroleum is subject to a multitude of global factors beyond EPRA’s control.’’

‘’I agree. OPEC countries have reduced production affecting the global crude supply. Libya, for example has shut 4 of it’s terminal because of a storm. Kazakhstan is doing maintenance, among others. We should be ready as the world crude oil suppliers have CUT down supply by half’’

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