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Pumwani hospital to offer general out-patient services


Pumwani Maternity Hospital  will in a months’  start offering general out-patient medical services  a move geared  towards decongesting  mama Lucy Hospital, Mbagathi and Kenyatta National Hospital.

According to the hospital administrator Geoffrey Mosiria, the hospital has  invested heavily on the program and a building to be used in offering the services is almost done.

Ward 7 has also been equipped and will be used  as ward to admit both  male and female patients.

‘‘Its true that  we will be offering out-patient services at this facility to at least ease congestion at  our facilities and also help those from slams around Pumwani who have to travel every time to seek medical services far.’’ He added.

Pumwani Hospital Administrator- Geofrey Mosiria

Mosiria further refuted claims of baby-theft vice  at the facility, arguing that the administration took the matter seriously and the staff who overstayed in Pumwani and were suspected  to have been doing illegal businesses were all transferred.

‘‘We could not continue with this negativity and I was forced to involve our chief officer and we transferred all of them, they even threatened to chop-off my head but I did not care about that.’’ Mosiria stated.

Pumwani is  currently doing  80 to 120 successful deliveries   daily,  compared to  50-80 deliveries before governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko stormed  the facility unearthing 12  bodies  last year.

‘‘The mortality rate has gone down drastically and in most cases we only record single death in a week, Our new morgue is there but rarely used.’’ He said.