Pumwani Nurses Go On Strike Over Unpaid Salaries

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Nurses  under casual program at Pumwani Maternity Hospital are on strike citing a three-month salary delay.

The nurses claim that they have been getting threats from city hall officials whenever they ask for the  cash.

‘‘It has been difficult for us for the last  three  months  and we are paying rents, whenever you ask for your money you do not get a clear answer. Both the County Government Administration and City Hall seem not bothered with our situation,’’ they said.

Meanwhile Pumwani Administrator Geoffrey Mosiria turned the heat on City Hall stating that it has not wired money into the nurses accounts.

“Those on  strike are  nurses  that we engaged  on casual basis, but we can confirm that anytime from now their money will be ready….for now county nurses employed by the government  are handling our clients’’  Mosiria said.