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A Punjab-based Daredevil Farmer Performs Unbelievable Tricks On His Tractor

Unbelievable Skilled Man In India, Punjab


By Wyclif Musau (Kapedo Junee)

After dropping out of school, Bansra perfected his skills

Gaggi Bansra has been entertaining his fans with his unbelievable tractor driving skills for more than 4 years.

The 21-year-old farmer who performs jaw-dropping wheelies on his tractor has built up a huge fan base after videos of his skills on the four-wheeled beast were shared online.

Bansra, who’s the only son of an agrarian father, has been practicing his unbelievable acts for more than 4 years after finding a passion for daredevil stunts while working in his father’s fields in Punjab, India.

The young performer has now gained popularity through his eye-popping skills

Now, the daring young stuntman can effortlessly drive the one-tonne tractor on its back wheels and drags it for an impressive 100 meters at one time.

“It is a thrilling ride. It takes me to a different zone. I feel all pumped up while doing these stunts,” says Bansra

He says that he dreamed of owning a motorcycle when he was young, but could never afford one and instead, started practicing on the only machine available to him at the moment.

He says when he dropped out of college, he started helping his father who’s a passionate farmer irrigating the fields.