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PwC Kenya, Parklands Baptist Church Commission a Football pitch in Westlands

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PwC Kenya and Parklands Baptist Church have jointly announced the official commissioning of a new football pitch in Westlands, off Chiromo Road.

The project was sponsored by PwC Kenya, with support from Parklands Baptist Church to demonstrate their commitment to the greening of the Westlands area as well as to provide a space for outdoor exercise and wellness activities.

The football pitch will provide green space for the Church’s children as well as space for PwC Kenya staff to play football and enjoy yoga and other outdoor activities.

The commissioning coincides with International Men’s Day which focuses on making a positive change to the wellbeing of men.

Both PwC Kenya and Parklands Baptist Church intend to use the football pitch for activities involving men and women, as PwC Kenya’s Joseph Nzou explains:

“The idea for revitalising the football pitch arose as a result of discussions amongst the men at PwC who were looking for a green space to play football and ‘steam out’.

We quickly realised that we had an opportunity to demonstrate our Greater Societal Purpose as PwC, by working with a disadvantaged group to prepare the grounds and plant the grass.

“It has been incredibly meaningful to see the grass grow and the area revitalised. What was once a dry, dusty and under-used space is now lush and green and ready for football matches, children’s games and other activities like yoga.

“We are proud to commission this football pitch today, as a member of the Westlands community.

As we make way for new and exciting infrastructure development projects, it’s important to remember our Greater Societal Purpose as corporate citizens and to commit resources and effort to revitalising green spaces even as the Westlands neighbourhood changes.”



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