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An organization of persons with disabilities  based in Kibera has called for the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities as Kenya joins the  world in marking International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio, Veronica Kyalo  of Gifted Community Centre said that people with disabilities face violations of their rights.

“We reiterate that disability is a human rights issue. People with disabilities often face multiple violations of their rights, including acts of violence both physical and psychological,” she said.

According to Veronica, the infringement of their rights often intersects with other factors including age and gender.

She urged the both the national  and county  government  to have a practicable  policy implementation framework that will ensure  PWDs are included  in the  job opportunities available.

“Counties have been getting away with the gap of inclusion of persons with a disability because the laws and policies are not clear. Most counties have not included persons with disabilities in the CECs or chief officers, and they have not complied with the five percent.  More than half of the counties do not have MCAs who are persons with disabilities,” she added.

Ken Osika  the programme  manager  of his year international  day Nairobi  chapter disabilities added that even though  much had been  done, there  is still need to create  awareness  by engaging  the wider  societies  to embrace  inclusion.

“Much has been  done but we are  here  again to fight  ignorance  and educate the societies  through  activities  on inclusion, our aim is to build  an inclusive  society with zero discrimination  on PWDs.

He further  stated  the intended  awareness  includes   legal  clinics  to the persons  with disabilities  who are most vulnerable  for gender based violence.

According  to the national  census  conducted  in 2019  2.2 percent  (0.9 million) people out of over 50 million of kenyan demographics live with  various  forms  of disabilities distributed  in 47 counties.

In recent months  a number  of county governments were on the spot for allegedly  failing  to nominate person(s) with disability in the respective  counties assembly


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