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Quarry Road traders in Ngara protest exclusion from the new market project


Traders along Ngara’s quarry road who were recently evicted from the road to pave way for construction have now taken to the streets to protest exclusion from the new Mwariro market.

The traders engaged police in running battle for the better part of Friday morning for what they termed as unfair allocation of the new Mwariro market in Ziwani, Kariokor ward.

According to a section who spoke to Ghetto Radio, they were promised stalls at the new market but up to now they have not received any stalls.

They also say that they have seen new faces being allocated stalls in the name that they were displaced from Quarry road during construction yet they don’t know the new faces.

“We were promised stalls in this new market after we were displaced from Quarry road but we have not been given. They are just bringing in people from Marikiti to occupy these stalls.” where are we to go?” said one of the traders

Police officers were forced to disperse the crowd  using tear gas.