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Quiver shooting incident, an account Of one of those involved

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A man who was allegedly involved in the Quiver Lounge shooting incident has given an account on how the incident that saw three people shot happened.

Morris Mutua who is a friend to the injured officers says that the gun man who is apparently a licensed gun owner got agitated after one of the officers spoke to his girlfriend

According to Mutua, it all started when the Somali guy entered the lounge with his supposed girlfriend who is also of Somali origin.

Mutua says that the guy then excused himself to go to the restroom/toilet, when one of the officers went to talk to the girlfriend.

A few minutes later, the Somali guy came from the toilet just to find the officer talking to his girlfriend, which angered him.

A war of words then ensued between him and the officer prompting Mutua and the officer to get involved to try to calm down the situation.

To avoid a fight, the three friends then decided to leave the lounge.

“As we were trying to get to our car at the parking lot, the Somali guy came after us, so we asked him why he had followed us yet we thought we had finished everything in the lounge,” said Mutua.

Another brawl ensued, and that is when the Somali guy pulled out his gun.

“We did not know he had a gun, by the time we realized he had already corked it. The first was meant to hit me right in the head but I ducked and it hit one of my friends, who is quite tall, on the neck,” said Morris.

CCTV footage from the lounge shows the perpetrator running after the first shot while still shooting his gun.

“The next shot hit my other friend on the arm and a lady who works at the lounge was also hit on the stomach.

The shooter managed to escape, the police are tracking his car number plate to try and locate him.

Meanwhile the injured were rushed to the hospital.


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