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Would you fall in love with someone’s voice by simply listening to him on radio?Well,the answer is yes for Esther Mbele an ardent listener on Hope Fm radio who recently walked down the isle with his favorite Presenter now turned husband Patroba Ojwang.

Through their Facebook page,Hope Fm congratulated the newlyweds and wished them well in their union.

“Team kubwa kuna faida kupenda kupenda kituo cha Hope Fm.Hongera Patroba na Esther Mbele . Yellow tent iko minus 2.”read the station’s timeline.

Their fans joined the celebrations with words of encouragement terming it a blessed union as they splashed social media with the pair’s wedding photos.

Patroba and Esther Mbele pose for a photo with friends

“Mwanahabari Patroba Ojwang na shabiki wake sugu Esther Mbele wafunga pingu za maisha.Mpenzi mtangazaji na mpenzi msikilizaji .wale ilikua tuoane hii mwaka unaona kama leo itawezekana ama tungoje mwaka ujao.Na sijui wanaabari wengine wanangoja nini na mimi niko” wrote one fan.

“Mwaka unaisha vizuri! 🙂Hongera kwao!” Read a second comment.

“Kuna presenter amebaki nikujie juu ni kama wote wamechukuliwa … congratulations the Ojwang’s .May this union be fruitful in every aspect ❤️”appeared another comment.

Indeed love is a beautiful thing and can be found in anywhere.

We wish them well in their union.

By Steve Osaka.


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