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Radio Ordered To Pay 56 Million Shillings For Damages On DJ


Real Sounds through Sam Kabanda Advocates have issued a notice of intention to sue Ugandan singer Sekibogo Moses a.k.a Mowzey Radio for throwing a Deejay’s laptop in a swimming pool during Ivan Semwanga’s vigil in Muyenga.

Real Sounds has instructed Radio to pay Shs56million Uganda Shillings (KSH.1.5) as compensation for the incident or face charges in a courts of law.

Through their lawyers, Sam Kabanda Advocates, Real Sounds has issued an intend to sue Mowzey Radio for damages to the laptop, hard disk and for disorganizing their work schedule on the said day.

“It is a fact that within your knowledge that on the 28th day of May 2017, at the last funeral rites of a one Ivan Semwanga, you dehumanised yourself , by acting and or conducting the same person of yourself in the most radical, immoral, aggressive, wild and contemptuous manner, wherein you moved to our client’s arena of work (public address are of management/work), instructed a one Lubega Moses by way of coercion to play your songs, claiming to be a musician of great caliber around the country,” the notice of intention to sue reads in part.

The singer has however refuted the allegations that he threw a deejay’s laptop in a swimming pool.

“Beginning of the week with false alert from the media and our so called bloggers on how I deep fried a laptop in the swimming pool.  I only saw my name trending in the headlines, then I was so excited and expecting to watch myself throwing a laptop, little did I know that all smart phone users are bloggers and journalists who can’t provide news with evidence.  Surprisingly they managed to record my speech on Video but their forged scene wasn’t recorded why?”

Trouble has been following radio and his singing partner Weasel who are still battling a case in court for defaming their former manager Jeff Kiwa.

A warranty of arrest was issued against the singing duo sometime back for defaming Kiwa through a Facebook video accusing Kiwa of murder and human sacrifice.