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Radio Star Adelle Onyango Engaged


Radio presenter Adelle Onyango has confirmed that she is finally off the market having gotten engaged to her boyfriend whom she has managed to keep off the limelight.

The radio presenter made the announcement during an interview with the Star newspaper recently, where she said:

“Love should be celebrated just as loudly as we “celebrate” hate. Also we’ve enjoyed it with our family and friends for a long while so it’s OK for everyone else to know now. It wasn’t a secret, I never hid my ring. I just didn’t make it seem like all there was to me – and I genuinely wanted to enjoy it in the confines of my family.”

This came  after speculation when she posted a photo of her and her man which she captioned using lyrics from popular song wild thoughts saying;

“Diamonds ain’t nothin when I’m rockin with you”

She also went on to post another photo asking her fans whether the ring makes her look engaged or not.