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Raila Is The Next Big Thing In The Music Industry


The Right Honourable Former Prime Minister and opposition chief Raila Amollo Odinga is set to become the next big thing in the Kenyan music industry with the release of his debut song ‘Lero Ni Lero’ remix which loosely translates to ‘Today Is Today’ a collaborative song with Luhya Benga Star Emmanuel Musindi.This is the first track from his soon to be released Ep of four songs.

Birth Of The Song

According to the project’s manager, Julius Owino Ondijo popularly known as Majimaji, Raila who’s fondly referred to as Baba fell in love with the song during the launch of Azimio La Umoja in Kasarani on the 10th of December last year from where he declared his fifth stab at the presidency.

“After the Azimio launch at Kasarani a song played that really touched his heart ‘Lero Ni Lero’, so when he was coming at the stadium, when he was going round during the lap of honour that was the song playing and it caught the spirit of Kasarani at that time and i believe the entire nation” Stated Majimaji.

As one of the think tanks in Baba’s campaign team, Majimaji was also under pressure to rekindle the 2002 moment when his song with Gidigidi ‘Unbwogable’ shaped the country’s political landscape leading to Rainbow Coalition’s landslide win.


“It became a very close song to us who were working at the campaign, so the issue was how do we get it forward and i was in pressure ‘Majimaji si ufanye Unbwogable ingine’ then i jokingly said ‘Baba can also sing, and sing his own songs for the first time’ and it’s a first time a presidential candidate will sing for himself and we’re here today Lero Ni Lero remix featuring Raila Amollo Odinga a.k.a Baba as an artiste “Added Majimaji.

Getting Baba To The Studio

Majimaji went ahead and revealed how it was easy to convince Baba in hitting the studio.He also disclosed his  humility and work  ethic during the project.His daughter Winnie Odinga also encouraged him to take up the challenge.

“Baba is very committed, a serious time keeper, humble, down to earth always ready to try anything new, always ready to fit in any creative idea easily and you don’t even need to work hard to sell it, so when he was approached of course with alot of help from Winnie Odinga and he came on board and he took his time, few minutes and he did his thing “Majimaji added further.

Majimaji also lauded Baba’s involvement in the passing of the skiza tune bill which gives artist’s comprehensive ownership of their craft and boost in earnings.

The song’s audio producer Festus Papai also known as Papa Fp of FP Records Kawangware based, shared his joy in working with Baba, he termed the experience as his greatest achievement.

The creative and the project’s director Majimaji leads Raila and Emmanuel Musindi to the set.

The video director is Nezzoh Montana, a widely sought after creative genius,he shot the video in a homely family set up in Karen and was upbeat in creating buzz.

Part of the proceeds from the project will be channeled to uplifting underprivileged creatives in the country. This is one way of Baba having a first hand experience of what artist’s go through from composing, production, marketing, contractual agreements, performances to earnings .Therefore, as he  ascends to power he will fight for better opportunities for the creative industry.

By Steve Osaka