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● Raila tablet fresh ultimatums ahead of peace talks

● He says the government must prioritize cost of living to reconsider the socio-economic impacts of the Finance Act 2023

●Government to restrain from DP Gachagua’s ‘Private Company’ analogy

The opposition leader Raila Odinga has issued a list of fresh demands to Kenya Kwanza camp ahead of the intended peace talks.

Odinga ,at press conference convened at his Karen residence demanded that lowering the cost of living must be part of the talks.

He noted that the regime is mandated by the Constitution to guarantee access to basic needs such as food, education, water, and health hence the Head of State should implement policies that would solve the economic crisis.

Restraining Gachagua’s ‘Hard Truths

Further, Raila noted that the Kenya Kwanza administration must disown utterances made by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua claiming that Kenya was a private entity that hires individuals who voted for the regime

“We remind Kenya Kwanza that the declaration by Rigathi Gachagua that Kenya is a private company, which has never been disowned by Willam Ruto, isolates, marginalizes, and treats several communities and regions in Kenya as second-class citizens. It has revived the question of a credible solution of the right to self-determination,” Raila stated.

The opposition distanced itself from the issues contained in the Kenya Kwanza statement and highlighted their agenda including the audit of the 2022 elections, the bipartisan reconstitution of IEBC and respect for the autonomy and independence of political parties.

The former premier further noted that the issue of accountability and responsibility for the brutality and abuse of human rights of protestors ought to be part of the talks.

The ODM leader warned the Kenya Kwanza regime against interfering in the issues they seek to raise.

“It is our position that no party to these negotiations can and should determine for the other what to raise and what not to raise.

“We will respect Kenya Kwanza’s right to bring all its issues to the table. Likewise, we expect Kenya Kwanza to have no objection to our priorities,” Raila stated indicating that his camp will continue engaging with the public by holding assemblies.

The opposition leader condemned Kenya Kwanza’s efforts in blocking Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo from leading the mediation panel.

Protests Victims Kitty

While concluding his remarks, the Azimio leader appealed to Kenyans to continue extending support to families of the victims of police brutality.

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