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Raila Odinga Calls For Creation Of Safe Environment For GBV Victims To Report Abuse


ODM Leader Raila has called for the creation of a safe environment to enable victims of gender based violence to report their cases.

Speaking during a meeting with women Raila stated that it is about time that the police system was digitized to enable victims report their cases without victimization.

“We need to digitized crime reporting so that women can report crimes digitally without having to go to a police station and be mistreated,” said Raila,

Raila also called on the police officers to change their ways of dealing with victims of gender based violence.

“You find a girl has been molested, she has been raped and beaten up, she goes to report the crime to the police station then police station are just laughing at her and ridiculing her,” said Raila.


“We need to reform our police force to make it more responsive to the needs of this country,” he said.

On property and inheritance, Rails has stated that women should be allowed to inherit property just like their male counterparts.

“When you are married you own everything together and if there is any separation then the woman is entitled to part of the property. Women must be allowed to own property and land just like their male counterparts,” he said.

The Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Movement has in the meantime pledged to support Raila Odinga’s campaign by donating Ksh. 4 Million.