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Raila, Ruto speak on arrests of senators


Deputy President William Ruto and ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga have separately criticized the arrests of three senators on Monday.

In a statement on Twitter Ruto stated that it was wrong to intimidate and bully the senators in order to sway their votes.

“The abuse of police&criminal justice to bully citizens,threaten & intimidate leaders and now blackmail senate is wrong. Very wrong. It’s not the reason millions woke up early to vote for us,” he stated.

He however hailed the move for the formation of the committee by the senate in order to reach a win-win situation.

Raila on the other hand asked state operatives to stop beating drums of war that might take away the democracy gains the country has enjoyed for a long time.

“The twin sins of failing integrity among a section of elected representatives during this whole affair and the instinct by agents of the State to resort to strong arm measures to get things accomplished continue to hold our country back, reducing our citizens to mere watchers in dramas whose scripts are written far from public eyes,” said Raila in a statement.

He also urged the senators to shun divisive rhetorics that and put public good above private gain.

“The State needs to pull back and abandon actions that take away the gains made on our path to democratization. The war lords need to stop beating the drums of war or financing the divisive rhetoric and our legislators involved in this matter need to search their souls in all honesty and put public good above private gain,” he stated.

The senate for a record nine times has failed to agree on the division of revenue formula, a move that saw the formation of a committee in order to come up with a win-win formula.