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Raila Tours Kisumu, Reiterates Sh. 6,000 Pledge To Unemployed Youths

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ODM leader Raila Odinga has reiterated his pledge to give Sh. 6,000 to the unemployed youth if elected president.

Raila who took his rallies to Kisumu today, stated that this will be his government’s way of supporting the unemployed in towns and upcountry.

 ” The other time I said this but some took it as a joke, the truth is that we are going to roll out a social protection  program that will ensure that those who don’t have jobs get monthly stipends of sh. 6000 and I know where the money will come from,” said Raila

Former prime Minister added that his administration will block all corruption loop -holes and the money channeled to fund projects.

“Last time President uhuru Kenyatta mentioned that Kenya losses Ksh. 2 Million everyday. My program will only cost around Ksh. 140 Billion. First I will block all loop holes then we channel the money to assist the vulnerable in the society,” added the ODM Chief.


While addressing the public at Kondele , the ODM party leader request the youths to rally behind him by ensuring that they have registered as voters.

“Youths, I have good plans for you, kindly for now rally behind me by registering as a voter. Your vote will act as your weapon for ensuring we achieve what we planned,” said Raila.

On business, he said he will support the SMEs to carry out their businesses effectively.

All youth businesses will receive a grant and will be able to operate for a period 7 years without being taxed.

Raila Says he will deliver the promises he has set for his people.




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