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Rapper 50 Cent a control freak? Dictates Girlfriend’s posts

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Rapper Curtis Jackson popularly known as 50 Cent is receiving backlash on social media after forcing his girlfriend to delete a post on social media.

The rapper’s girlfriend Cuban Link had shared a post work out photo on social media which didn’t sit well with the rapper.

“I killed the gym today, or maybe the gym killed me, either way, I won” Cuban captioned the photo

Moments after sharing the picture, 50 commented on the photo calling out the lass for sharing such a photo online.

“I just landed, why you gotta be doing sh** like this? You send this to my phone not on Instagram. What the f***?” 50 commented

Netizens went on to label the rapper and actor a control freak arguing that it is not the first time he’s done that.



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