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Rapper Apologizes to SDA church for going to club in Pathfinder Uniform


A Zambian rapper has been forced to apologize after he was called out for going clubbing in SDA Pathfinder.

The rapper, King Illest caused uproar among the members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church after gracing his birthday party in the religious regalia.

In photos shared across his social media platforms, the rapper was seen wearing SDA’s Pathfinders uniform at his birthday party held at a club.

A section of Staunch SDA members said the rapper was being ignorant of the significance of the outfit.

“He should be ashamed of himself, I pity him coz he doesn’t understand why we respect that uniform. First of all that’s a wrong color of a Pathfinder uniform, I will not talk about the other important badges on the uniform but I will concentrate on the Pathfinder logo,”  a social media user identified as Hamasamu Beene Mutale wrote in part.

King Illest performing at his Birthday Party

The rapper now says his outfit was not a pathfinder uniform but a known symbol of the late King of Thailand.

He went on to say that his choice of clothing was inspired by the late King Bhumibol’s legacy.

He argued that he chose the outfit to pay homage to the late ruler who was born just a day before him (King Illest)

“My outfit was highly inspired by the king of Thailand’s regalia and to pay homage to the late king his majesty King Bhumibol’s birthday of Thailand which is celebrated on December 5, a day after my birthday celebration. The bottle of D’usse am holding in the circulating pics was also just another way of paying homage to one of my musical idols Jay Z as it was his actual birthday on December 4, and owns the alcohol brand,” he wrote.