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Rapper Bamzigi’s Tough Road To Recovery From Drug Addiction

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bamzigiRecovering drug addict and Kenya’s once famous musician Harrison Munio a.k.a Bamzigi has revealed his tough journey towards healing from his addiction to drugs.

Bamzigi who disappeared out of the limelight about five years ago was placed in a rehab after he revealed to his parents that he was addicted to Cocaine.

According to Bamzigi, he would spend up to Ksh. 5000 a day to satisfy his insatiable appetite for the drug.

“I would get my drugs from Mathare Slums a place called Nigeria and in Mathare i would buy at least four of five sachets of the drug from my dealer. Because i had a dealer,” narrates Bamzigi.

“The problem with Cocaine is that once the thirst hits you, you will find yourself selling everything. People even leave their cars at their dealers places because of the debt they have accumulated from their dealers,” he continues.

The musician known for his song Bounce did drugs for quiet sometime without the knowledge of his parents despite him staying with them in the same compound.

“My parents never sensed a thing, though my girlfriend later on discovered despite me trying so hard to hide it from he,” he says.

After quiet sometime, the once member of the Necessary Noise Music group was forced to seek for help from his parents.

He says it was the hardest thing to do but had to do it because things were getting out of hand.

“My father placed me in a rehab immediately where i stayed for quite sometime after which i was later released, “ he says.

After leaving Rehab, Bamzigi was assigned to psychiatrists who counseled him. Currently he is however on Methadon a medicine that cotrols the urge of drugs.

He says his biggest challenge during recovery was the pressure public who were constantly inquiring where he was.

“After leaving rehab, i was forced to change my friends completely, change my number… I stayed indoors for almost a year, i did not want to be seen in public,” narrates Bamzigi.

Despite being clean for five years now, Bamzigi knows he is not out of the woods yet. He says many are times that he feels the urge of taking the drug, the latest incident happening last week.



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