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Rapper Femi One goes on a rant over MCSK


Rapper Femi One has gone on a social media rant over MCSK way of doing business.

According to the rapper, creatives in the country are subjected to frustrations by their various governing bodies that have subjected them to poverty.

Femi one went on to ask any creatives who may have a chance to relocate from Kenya to do so without thinking twice.

“Nimeona hii story ya MCSK and this is all I have to say; Kama wewe ni msee ako na Talent, whether we ni Footballer, unachora graffiti, Musician or Photographer na umepata chance ya kwenda place ingine, like in other countries, kwenda Majuu ama Country ingine. Yaani mimi na ku-beg as Femi One, kusanya virago zako zote na uende na usiwahi angalia nyuma na hata usiwahi feel vibaya kutoka hii Country. Because this country doesn’t give a fuck about mtu yeyote mwenye ako na Talent. Ukichoose kukaa kwa hii Country utakufa Maskini. Government don’t give a fuck, body zinafaa kuprotect wasee wako na Talent, sijui FKF, sijui MSCK wako hapo kujisaidia, na ndio maana kila siku unaskia kwa TV Msanii mkongwe anaomba msaada. Footballer machachari anaomba msaada, please just enda” said Femi One.

Video courtesy of Dennis Milimo-Youtube

This comes just a day after Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) asked DJs to acquire licenses before they are allowed to live streams their sessions on all streaming platforms.

“When a DJ creates a live stream and starts broadcasting music to the Internet, he has become a radio station. He needs licenses from copyright owners or Collective Management Organisations (CMOs),” read the statement

Setting the record straight following an uproar from the DJs over its May 27 notice, KECOBO clarified that disc-jockeys who perform at venues that have obtained a Collective Management Organization (CMO) license will not pay a cent.

Those who have, however, not paid will be required to fork out Sh10,000 annually or Sh750 per event, payable to CMOs as a tariff per gig or license.

“Recorded music in many jurisdictions is subject to rights management information monitoring technology that enables owners to account for its usage on digital platforms,” read the statement from KECOBO Executive Director Edward Sigei.