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Rapper insists that Jalang’o killed Gengetone music

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Luo rapper Japesa has insisted that comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o killed Gengetone music.

While stating that he has no beef with Jalang’o Japesa insists that Jalang’o’s recent statement that Gengetone is dead somehow killed the genre of music that is popularly sung young people.

According to Japesa, Jalang’o rund the entertainment industry and should be careful with what he says as he influences a lot of people.

He even referred to the comedian as the Elion Musk of Kenya who controls the entertainment industry in Kenya.

“…unajua Elion Musk, sahi Elion Musk akisemakitu ni mbaya inashuka. So Jalango is an influencer in the music industry, He is so important that he should not just talk yani afai tu kusema anything,” said Japesa during an interview with plug TV.

He also compared the comedian with former Prime Minister Raila claiming that if Jalango accepts you in the industry people will also accept you but vice versa.

The rapper requested Jalango to be neutral and support all the musicians in Kenya without looking at the type of the song they do.

“Unajua sahi Jalango anakaa kama Baba huko Nyanza akisema ni wewe ni wewe na akisema si wewe si wewe. Sasa sisi tunaomba tu Jalango akuwe neutral. Unajua ni public figure na ni jina kubwa,”added the rapper.


The rapper also said that he wants to be the next Elion Musk of Kenya and was requesting people to support him in his career.

Last month Japesa accused the comedian for commenting that gengetone is trash and that it died a long time ago.

The rapper said that people stopped listening to gengetone music because of what the comedian had said about it.

The comedian has since grown in the industry and gained a number of followers who listen to him and look up to him.

He recently helped former Tahidi high actor Omosh through his platform and the actor was built for a house and given money.



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